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My Story

Beginning days in Chile

My journey begins in Chile, as I was born and grew up in the southest part of the world and in Dictatorship for my first 16 years. I experienced several layers of trauma while growing up, which led to the later experience of partial vision loss in one eye, anxiety depression and short term memory issues. After I graduated from Design I discovered Yoga and Buddhism, and feel totally in love with both worlds, practicing long hours of Yoga and meditation and participating actively in Yoga trainings and in silent Zen retreats, which later on lead to Tibetan Buddhism through my first and only Phowa Retreat (a practice of conscious dying) after which, coincidentally, my dad died 2 weeks later. After the mixture experience of the retreat and the death of my dad, I felt like I needed to integrate a lot of layers to my healing puzzle, little did I know my life was about to change drastically!

USA journey

In 2004 I relocated to USA with my now husband. We met casually and connected deeply right away, which led to me to rapidly letting go of my life in Chile, including my busy Yoga teaching schedule, family and friends.

In USA I started working in Hospice and assisting people in their dying process while at the same time I taught Yoga classes. I travelled to India in 2005 for a few months and experiened directly the “guru culture” while staying for a month in an ashram in Rishikesh, and also while studying at the RIMYI in Pune for a month. After meeting BKS Iyengar and noticing the agressive, competitive and stressful atmosphere in his Institute, I became quickly disenchanted with Yoga Iyengar but also at the same time I knew there was something very important in the meeting ourselves via movement and presence in the body. I had experiences like that while in long silent Zen retreats and knew that the gate to ourselves resided in our body. I continued studying (did one of my teacher trainings at the IYISF) and practicing Iyengar Yoga until 2009.

I also went into a journey of discovery of what could work and what didn’t to heal my depression, which took me in a 10 year journey of practice, training and being a trainer with Process Coaching (2009 - 2019), an innovative collaborative that created an alternative to therapy that includes Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, and other somatic practices to emotional healing. During this time I had 2 kids and took a long break of about 6 years from teaching Yoga while healing from my pregnancies and while dealing with anxienty depression and the stress and busyness of raising babies.

When my daughter was around 5 I decided to begin again to add to my toolbox new models of working with the body that could also affect the nervous system and resolve other layers of mine and my client’s depression and anxiety. I had taken a training with Richard Miller, the creator of IRest Yoga Nidra and that instance had helped me resolve some blockages of getting pregnant, so I decided to follow his work again, which helped me enourmeously with my anxiety. I was also working again as a Yoga teacher, started studying fascia with Tom Myers, Yoga with Donna Farhi and eventually I did the Yoga Tune Up® training and Roll Model® training, using therapy balls and a more biomechanical lens of working with the body, which helped a lot to mitigate my ongoing physical pain.

Integration Process

Following a more integrative lens of work was more effective with clients and students and this eventually lead me in 2018 to discover Z-Health, a very progressive brain-based model of working with people that completely changed my perspective of human potential via neuroplasticity and a deep understanding about the nervosus system, the cerebellum, the brainstem and the cortex and how all those pieces are integral to pain relief, stress relief, brain integration, nervous system regulation, etc. That gave me an entirely new perspective to my work that was already evolving rapidly. At the same time I started training as a Crisis Counselor through Project Sanctuary, a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Crisis Response Center and began to work with people dealing with sexual and domestic violence trauma. The beginning of 2019 I started training in Somatic Experiencing, a trauma intervention created by Peter Levine that utilizes the frame of the polyvagal hyerarchy and other biological principles for successful trauma intervention and healing. During that same time I was approached by Project Sanctuary to help develop and facilitate a women’s group program for trauma healing. I’m happy to annouce that the program is currently running it’s second round!

I also wanted to expand my voice in the movement and somatic world and decided to launch a podcast called Embodiment Time, which has been a really fun and informative experience.

I currently live in the Mendocino Coast of Northern California with my partner, our two kids, two dogs and one cat. I run a small studio close to the town of Fort Bragg, where I teach classes, series and have a private practice.

• BA in Graphic Design

• Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner-in-Training

• Z-Health R-Phase and I Phase Training

• ERYT 200 Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher

• Crisis Counselor

• Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Training

• The Roll Model® Training with Dawn Adams

• IREST Yoga Nidra Training Level 1 & 2

• Functonal Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms) Training

• Process Coaching Practitioner, Coach and Teacher Trainings (2009-2016)

• Personal Trainer Training with Body Kinetics, Northern California

• Hospice Volunteer Training