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1. Sarah Kowalski - The Only Way to Learn is by Doing

Magdalena Weinstein


Sarah is a deep thinker and a mature and grounded Yoga Teacher based in Philadelphia, specialized in adaptive yoga and classes that help people slow down in these times of increased acceleration. We had a great and diverse conversation that went from travels around the world, writers block, formal yoga practice and paying attention to that which has been obscured, The Roll Model and the Coregeous ball, yes or not to headstand, SAID principle, FRC and being in control, practicing surrendering, from surviving to thriving, social media implications, being raised in a liberal environment and working with traumatic brain injuries.

Here is the link to Sarah’s website: sarahkowalski.com

20 Questions For 2018 is her 20 emails condensed in a pdf version.

A Guide to Better Movement. Todd Hargrove is the book she discusses in the talk.

Donna Farhi: Post-Lineage Pedagogy is the conversation Kathryn Bruni Young had with Donna Farhi in the Mindful Strength Podcast.

 Other people mentioned with links to their websites:

Trina Altman

Jules Mitchell

Laurel Beversdorf

Andreo Spina

Seth Godin

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