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8. Yasmin Lambat - PART 2. Somatic Exploration in Action

Magdalena Weinstein


Here is part 2 of my talk with Yasmin Lambat.

Some of the topics we covered in this talk:

Working with our physiology. Somatic Exploration to tap into the inner wisdom. Patterns in the body and the folding of our fascial fabric.

How Yoga & Pilates experiences led her to pandiculation.

Moving from the heart, intuitive movements focused on self-nurturing to calm the nervous system with “Body Yawn” Therapy. 

Nervous system regulation. Going beyond SNS/PNS and the effects of hyper-arousal on the body. Discovering the "calm state". 

How care & compassion help creating a “safe” state, and how refocusing her work with her clients as an “invitation to explore” has been more effective for individual expression.

We talked about iRest Yoga Nidra, the work of Richard Miller and Steven Levin’s work with Biotensegrity, exploring biotensegrity as interdependency of the WHOLE body. 

Interoception & Exteroception Awareness. How the environment affects the nervous system. Effectiveness of body sensing, dance, and the effects of endorphines/dopamine-driven loud music used frequently in gyms. Cultivating interoception vs the dopamine high.

Going beyond the trauma story, working with the physiology.

You can find Yasmin Lambat at: bodysensingtherapy.com