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6:00 PM18:00

Roll, support, relax and reset.


This is a unique opportunity to experience Yoga Tune Up therapy balls self-massage in the safe and supportive ambience of a restorative yoga class with the psychobiological perspective of Somatic Experiencing.

We will journey into our body and nervous system, to create regulation, de-stress, relax and reset our energies to feel resourceful and empowered.

Relaxation is a very important ingredient in our lives, but we don’t give it enough attention. There is an art to it, because, unlike a nap, the properties of relaxation done mindfully, paying attention to sensations, it’s a bottom up approach to healing from trauma and regulating the nervous system.

There is a whole lot of research about the benefits of working with the body with gentle, supportive and precise proprioceptive-interoceptive care, regulating our hormones and vagal tone.

Here is one of my favorite lists of reasons to aim towards a regulated system that Irene Lyon created:

A healthy human system tends to:

-Come down from stress naturally.

-Go to sleep peacefully and wake-up in the morning feeling rested and refreshed.

-Absorb healthy nutrition for all the cellular needs (think about cells in your gut sucking up the good vitamins and minerals) and also excrete toxic waste products (um, poop!) with ease and frequency.

-Repair and regenerate your cells and body tissue at a harmonious speed that isn’t too slow and isn’t too fast, but is JUST right for your own unique needs.

-Think and create with crystal clear focus and not always be stuck in a ‘brain-fog’.

-Be productive in the projects, work and tasks you do on any given day.

-Steer away from harmful people who create chaos and strife in your life.

-Parent with greater ease, better boundaries and more empathy (even in those really tough times)!

-Engage in meaningful relationships that nurture and provide safety for you.

🔸No experience is necessary, all abilities, genders and races are welcome.

Registration Fee:

Sliding scale $20 - $25 before May 1

$30 after May 1

I will facilitate the therapy balls and yoga props.

Bring your mat and water.

Space is limited, please register in advance.

If the turnout is great I will begin a series of therapy ball and SE immersions.

Contact Magdalena if you have any questions at maidaweinstein@gmail.com

Or 707-813-6828

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Diaphragm, Core and Spiral Movements Yoga Series SOLD OUT
to May 2

Diaphragm, Core and Spiral Movements Yoga Series SOLD OUT

Yoga, Fascia, and Anatomy Series is back! This is a 6 week series starting March 21. 

Myofascial Release (release of the connective tissue that surrounds muscles with therapy balls), Biomechanics (how we work, how shoulders and hips really move, beyond the myth), Functional Movement (beyond the mat we walk, run, squat, roll, land, grip, etc) and Yoga Deconstruction (taking apart vital and simple poses and demystifying them) are part of the theme.

The focus will be the practice, movements, understanding of Body Mechanics and Development, the Anatomical and Functional concepts of shoulders, hips and the core center.

I need a minimun of 6 people commited to register for this series. I We willmeet at my home studio by the Botanical Gardens in Fort Bragg, CA. 

$130 for the 6 classes
$120 early registration
$25 drop in (avaiable depending on space)

What you will get from this Series:
- Learn how to become flexible without compromising ligaments and tendons and without loosing your physical integrity. In other words, too much flexibility means instability, lack of flexibility means rigidity. Navigating the middle range.
- No more pain! Release pain, even chronic pain caused by over-stretching or under-doing movement.
- Get movement smart, learn how to do more movement with economy and flow.
- Release and resolve some of the physical and emotional freeze held in your tissues.
- Continue and complete your early development, specially the primitive reflexes: cross crawling, gripping, sucking, spiraling, etc
- Down regulate your system by accesing deep restorative and relaxing states via myofascial release and breathing techinques.
- Learn how to move smart in Yoga and beyond the mat into any physical activity.
- Strengthen your whole system and core.
- Get smart about the dos and don'ts of Yoga and other movement modalities
- Empower yourself!
- Live a life of movement freedom
- Learn to understand and love your body and other peoples bodies and movement abilities.

Bring your mat and your desire to learn. Expect some printed material every week.

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Yoga and Sound Immersion
1:00 PM13:00

Yoga and Sound Immersion

With Magdalena Weinstein and Audrya Chancellor

Expand your Personal Embodiment through a blend of Yoga, Functional Movement, Biomechanics, Self Myofascial Massage with YTU Therapy balls, Breath Techniques and Yoga Nidra. While experiencing Sound Healing through Tuning Forks, Didgeridoo, Elk Medicine Drum, Crystal Bowl and Singing.

Pre-Registration: $35
At the door: $40

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Yoga, Fascia and Anatomy Series
to Jan 24

Yoga, Fascia and Anatomy Series

Yoga, Fascia and Anatomy Series

Series dates on Wednesdays 12:30 - 2:30 pm

4-Week Series: January 3, 10, 17, 24

$25 drop-in per class (only available if there is enough space)
$320 for the 15-Week Series

$85 for the January Series

Sliding scale available if necessary.
This is a Yoga Series first and foremost, and we will be doing postures, movement and covering many alignment points, from an anatomical and fascial perspective. We will explore the Fascial Meridians and cover Anatomy from Tom Myers perspective, we also will explore the fundamentals of Anatomy Trains in Movement and Slings Essentials, as well as Embryological Development. We will also partner with each other learning to assess, read and work with Postural Patterns. This is somehow the key of the series, the application of what we learn.

We will try to maintain Yoga Asanas and Breath as our core work, even if we depart into Functional Movement or Anatomy Trains in Movement. The emphasis is in strengthening, learning pulling, bouncing, resistance, work with gravity, and other functional and natural movement perspectives, leaving stretching as the all-we-do-in-yoga towards a more Interoceptive and movement rich approach to the Body. Many of our clients and ourselves are older, tight, hyper-mobile, un-functional and overall weak, and I feel a deep desire to approach movement in Yoga from a wider perspective  deeply integrated in Anatomy and movement research. 
Location: at my studio in Pacific Way, Fort Bragg. Directions will be given upon registration.

Bring your mat and your desire to learn. Expect some printed material every week.


*I am an authorized YACEP teacher from Yoga Alliance which means you can get Continuing Education hours from the classes I offer. You can get 30 CE hours for YA with these Series.

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to Dec 18

Returning to Wholeness

7 week class series of exploration with Process Coaching tools and frames, functional movement and yoga and Yoga Nidra.

This class is a little advanced and the requirement is to already have experience with the series or at least have a strong background with Process Coaching and being your own Healer and being very resourceful.


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Redeeming the Darkness. 6th Annual Process Coaching Retreat
to Jun 25

Redeeming the Darkness. 6th Annual Process Coaching Retreat

Over the weekend we’ll explore the inner power of ‘dreaming’ to reveal the magic hidden in the darkness gathering in the world outside. Whenever an outer circumstance triggers us, there’s an inner part that’s hurt, afraid or angry—and craves loving attention. Once the inner victim is found and healed, we’ll explore the shadow—to find and embrace the inner perpetrator that’s been projected onto the outer darkness.

The weekend retreat workshops include:

  • Dreaming Ourselves Awake ~ Redeeming the Darkness
  • Embracing the Shadow ~ Unveiling the Magic
  • Inside-Out Activism ~ Manifesting Change from Your Inner Fire
  • Exploring Trauma ~ The Terrain of Transformation
  • Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall ~ Waking Up through Relating
  • Constellation Process ~ Discover the Magic of the Field
  • Healing Birth ~ The Mother of all Traumas
  • Family Constellations ~ Healing the Family Soul
  • Waking Up through Parenting ~ The Ultimate Classroom
  • The Deepest Shadow ~ Exploring the Transpersonal Realm
  • Saturday Evening Body Time ~ FeelingsDance!Yoga Nidra


Dates: Saturday & Sunday, June 24 & 25

Times: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm

Location: SunRidge School, Sebastopol, CA

Cost: $195 early registration before June 1; $225 after June 1

Registration: http://www.processcoaching.com/2017retreat

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Returning to Harmony
to Jun 5

Returning to Harmony

Our eating habits, physical and mental health, emotional well being, body-mind connection, relationships, lifestyle, etc, all depend on a fine balance of opposing energies and forces, from the Yin and Yang perspective, the balance of this divergent energies creates harmony within ourselves and our life.

In this 7 week class series we will explore the deep healing work of Process Coaching and the restorative and meditative tools of IRest Yoga Nidra, to access our most profound healing, manifesting and harmonizing capacities.

Some of the proven benefits of Process Coaching:

- Deepen and ignite your relation with yourself and others - Bring more love, joy and meaning into your existence - Manifest your deepest desires - Break free from old blocks and patterns of behavior - Release anxiety, negative thoughts and guilt - Bring love and acceptance to all the aspects of your Being

Tested benefits of IRest Yoga Nidra:

- Connect with your deepest guidance - Enter into deep Meditative and relaxing states of Being - Balance all your body systems and decrease hormonal imbalances - Expand your field of awareness - Decrease stress, anxiety, anger and depression - Gain great ability to relax, feel more connected and happy.

7 week series, Mondays 9:30 am to noon: April 24, May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 and June 5

Cost of the series: $240 includes Process Coaching practitioner manual and Healer Practices 2-CD set, also an IRest Yoga Nidra recording.

Payment plan available. For more information please call me: 707-813-6828

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