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Cultivating Somatic Intelligence

A contemporary approach to the body from Yoga, Brain-Based Education and Somatic Experiencing

Hi, I’m Magdalena Weinstein, I’m a Movement Specialist, Yoga Teacher and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in training, I work one on one (in person and online) and also I facilitate series, workshops and co-facilitate learning experiences from the body and nervous system perspective. My work is based in my experience and training in movement education, applied neuroscience, and body-oriented trauma interventions, and how all these fields interrelate to reveal our innate somatic Intelligence, resilience and endless healing potential within ourselves.

I’m also the creator of the Embodiment Time Podcast, a place dedicated to explore solutions to our current physical, mental and social issues with inspiring and innovative Movement and Body-Oriented Teachers, Therapists and Trainers from fields like Yoga, Pilates, Brain-Based Training, Physiotherapy, Psychotherapy and Somatic Therapy.


Embodiment Time Podcast


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