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2. Noelle Carvey - Train for the Life that you Want

Magdalena Weinstein


Noelle is a great mover, a deep thinker and an explorer of the human condition from her perspective as woman, mother and teacher. This conversation went through many relevant subjects for Yoga Teachers and Movement Educators, as much as for anybody wanting to learn more about movement reeducation, natural movement, training smart, NLP and mindset.

Follow Noelle's journey in Instagram at @noelleofthewild and through her soon to be developed website: rebelnomads.com

Some of the topics covered in this talk is her journey growing up, her current life in a boat a mile away from shore parenting two girls, training with a mace, her whole yoga and movement journey, and how she dares to be honest and expose real issues in a world that wants to hide them.

Some of the books and people mentioned here are:

Blue mind. Wallace J. Nichols

The Polyvagal Theory. Stephen Porges

Braiding Sweet Grass. Robin Wall Kimmerer

Jill Miller

Hunter Fitness


instagram links for mace training:





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