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7. Yasmin Lambat - PART 1. From Fitness to Wholeness, Discovering the Inner Wisdom of Embodiment

Magdalena Weinstein


Some of the topics we covered in this talk:

Her inner journey of discovery of the Body, from her transition from the Fitness Industry to her development of Interoception and Somatic Movement via Polestar Pilates and Elizabeth Bussey.

Her encounter with Tom Myers, the work of Dr Ian Weinberg and Robert Schleip.

The core and the diaphragm, mecanoreceptors and fascia.

The Insula, empathy and how to use motion to heal emotion.

Distress interoception, Vagal tone and the Polyvagal theory of Stephen Porges.

Pandiculation, tension vs intensity and the model of Biotensegrity.

The Calm Response and how to create it in our life, classes and society.

Some of the people mentioned in this talk:

Elizabeth Bussey

Ian Weinberg MD

Robert Schleip PHD

Yasmin is a Registered Somatic Educator with ISMETA, an Inner guidance Coach, and the creator of BodySensing Body Yawn Somatic Fascial Unwinding™. She has a fascination for fascia, biotensegrity and the body as designed by nature, it’s ability to self-heail and self-restore, unwinding emotional patterns through myofascial movement. Her journey has taken her from fitness to wholeness, shedding posture for embodiment, alignment for integrity and taking the focus away from body mechanics to body sensation. It was not always that way.  Her background in Fitness and Pilates began with a cognitive approach to Anatomy and Biomechanics, until she was awakened by an inner awareness from her early experiences of Somatic Practices like Feldenkrais, Bartenieff and Trager. 

For more information, visit her website at: www.bodysensingtherapy.com  or through Yasmin Lambat at Facebook and Bodysensing at Instagram. Also, you can connect directly with her via email at: bodysensing@gmail.com